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Well done team!!
- Kathy Peake (12/09/07)

Thabang you have done something amazing and I applaud you for it. To Grace wow, you inspire me girl. Goodluck with your future adventures, who knows where the road may lead.......
- Allistair Cockrell (11/09/07)

I really applaud you Thabang and Catherine for undertaking this challenge and bringing more attention to such an important social issue. We need more courageous people like yourselves, well done!
- Jennifer Orr (07/09/07)

Hi Thabang, you are currently at Shira Camp today, and I hope you are enjoying yourself. I believe that nothing will stop you from reaching your goal, and we at WILD FRONTIERS are proud to be a part of organising your climb. GOOD LUCK VANESSA AND THE WILD FRONTIERS GANG!
- Vanessa Bell (07/09/07)

Now for the big hill. last nite is very tough so go slowly and you will stand up on top of africa. I am sms ing big time so go man go and see the sun rise first over africa. Superb concept. Well done.
- Dave Hathrill (04/09/07)

YOUTH GUIDE CONCERN is a community based youth organisation working in the areas of HIV/AIDS and the Orphans. we would like to thank you for your interest to support the vulnerable children we are with you all the way you are travelling and we ask GOD to guide you and protect you so that you goal should be achieved buy the end of your journey. BEST WISHES

What an unbelievable example you are to the rest of us who hear the stories and the heartache, say "ag shame" and do nothing.... I pray for God's continued hand of protection over you and your team. You are part of what makes this nation great....
- Wendy Tooley (04/09/07)

Hey T I am so incredibly proud not only with the 5458km you have cycled and 179km on foot, but with your determination and strength of spirit. You have been speaking about this journey for many years now and I know the cause is something very close to your heart. Many talk about help, but you are actually doing something about it. I feel privileged to know you and be your friend. Safe travel for the rest of your incredible journey. I look forward to seeing you soon. All my love
- Vix Sheppard (03/09/07)

Hi Thabang, met you at Keys Hotel and had a look at your bike with Zahir, remember? Good luck for the climb and fulfilling your dream.
- David Gassner (01/09/07)

Hey man - we are SO PROUD of you, what an achievement! thinking of you every step of the way, and cannot wait to get news of your triumphant ascent and to see you back in jozi! big hug!
- Marang Setshwaelo (31/08/09)

Hi Thabang, been watching your progrees with interest, I am in awe of your dedication to a worthy cause and the personal time, effort and sacrifice that you are prepared to put in to achive this goal, keep it up, the end is in sight but your achievement will live on for ever. Enjoy the roof of Africa.
- Herman Jacobs (30/08/09)

We are very proud of ou Thabang.Ziya Told us about you when she was from Zambia we will keep on sending sms's .All the best broer.
- Mdumiseni Mtshali Kwamashu (30/08/09)

T, you have reinstated my faith in humanity as a whole. There is a serious shortage of people like you bra - you will go down in history as the guy who gave a damn enough to do SOMETHING! You rock, I am printing T SHIRTS with your face and name on them and adding them to my collectable items NEVER to be touched. ONE LOVE AND MAY MOTHER AFRICA BLESS YOU ALWAYS!
- Maishi Teffo (29/08/09)

You go Thabang. I think it takes a man with guts & most importantly strong minded, maybe even a little crazy. I admire you boy. Go and take on the mountain you CRAZY BOY FROM SA. Remember that every Tuesday & Friday 17H35 you are not alone.
- Keorapetse Mangadi (29/08/07)

I really applaud your strength and determination. You are a true African. Stay blessed.
- Aggrey Makari (26/08/07)

I was priviledged to meet Thabang at our inn in Malawi.I am planning to walk from Cape To Cairo so we had a lot to talk about.Unfortunately he had a press date in Lilongwe and had to move on. We would have loved to have him stay, especially me as I think i have found a real soul brother. Bless
- Jimmy Andersen aka Chiozo (24/08/07)

My wife and I are South Africans living in London. We met Thabang when he worked in London and would like to re-establish contact... particularly as we are currently involved with humanitarian projects in SA. We have just seen the article in Getaway magazine... fantastic!
- Colin Shave (24/08/07)

Hi Thabang This is Ziya I met you in Zambia. The first day I saw you I was so touched i couldnt sleep thinking about your trip and your mission.I would like to say keep it up I will keep on sending those sms's.Iam with you brother take care.I will make all my colleagues are sending sms to38131.You doing good work maarn.Make sure you come back in one piece we need you EMZANTSI
- Ziyabukwa Tembani (22/08/07)

Hi Thabang, I'm so proud to be able to say I was at primary school with you! Congratulations - you are doing a wonderful job! I will get Mike to add this page as a link to to create more awareness of what you are doing. God speed!
- Michele Alexander (nee Voden) (18/08/07)

God bless you Thabang, we all love you. hang in there my boy.
- Constance Dikgale (15/08/07)

I believe in being "the change I want to see in the world"...Go T..gooooo!!
- Akua (15/08/07)

Thabang, I heard you on 5FM today and I think you are incredible. You have come so far and I wish you so much strength and willpower for the final leg of the journey. You are a true inspiration to all.
- Ashleigh Carroll (14/08/07)

Thabang, I think you have humbled many of us with your determination and passion. Our thoughts are with you!
- Shirley Thornton (13/08/07)

Thabang, keep on doing the good work of alleviating the plight of orphans. May God bless you.
- Andrew Mkandawire (09/08/07)

Hey Abner, you have taken the dreams of so many of us and made them a reality and if we all could have half the courage you have the world would be a better place. I a humbled by your mission and am saddened by my own inaction. Well done and keep the dream alive!!!
- Konehali Gugushe (07/08/07)

Thabang, what you are doing is amazing. You are experiencing your continent at an intimate level and rasing awareness of Africa, it's beauty and showing people the true cost of AIDS, diseases and conflict. The best part of your trip will be in Tanzania. It is such a lush and beautiful country. It will inspire you to ascend Mt Kilimanjaro with energy and purpose. I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your trip and I pray that God will be by your side throughout. Grace, thank you for bringing this experience to us.
- Charlotte Luzuka (02/08/07)

Hi Thabang! I've been reading your diary notes... it seems really interesting and personally fulfiling. I think there are few people who really are prepared to do something like this and at the end of the day it is also for an excellent cause. I wish you all the best and ... with your next $100 watch out for those husslers :)! keep strong and have FUN!
- Mario Fernandes (01/08/07)

Hello, please can you advise which orphanages and HIV organisations you are supporting as my church might like to get involved. thanks and regards
- Nicole (25/07/07)

Best of luck Thabang. We're rooting for you! Cool runnings!
- Karabo Morule (21/07/07)

We wish to say we think your plan sounds sound. May God bless your efforts.
- Greetings, Kumah & Mansah (21/07/07)

wow proud of u dude, what an initiative,im definitely smsing more than once, all the best thabang keep strong!
- daniel mathebula (20/07/07)

TBang!! Maximum respect (to steal YP's phrase) my brother, 1725kms in 20 days!! Wow, that is great! No more calling you clown, this is no clowning! Good luck with the rest of the journey, you have broken its back!!
- The Reverend (20/07/07)

Hello Thabang - you certainly are an inspiration to all south africans and are living proof that every individual can indeed make a difference. I pray God's blessing and protection over you as you continue your journey. Keep the faith.
- Tania (20/07/07)

You continue to inspire us to higher purposes brother. Thinking about you and knowing that no matter the legs, this amazing mind of yours will carry you to the end. So keep focused and here are waves of encouragement & love
– Delph (20/07/07)

Go THABANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Carel Bosman (20/07/07)

Glad its going well – we send our love and support to Thabang....
- Dom, Mo, Edie, Harry & Flora xxxxx (19/07/07)

Thabang, well done so far, and keep it up, your progress has caused quite a stir here on our factory floor. I regularly downloard your progress report for all the staff to see. We in Isithebe say "Hamba Khashle, and keep God in your heart.
- Beverley (19/07/07)

Hey Cuz, we're behind you all the way, God will continue to bless you and may He keep you safe through and through! Really proud of you. Ps Mamakhe prays for you every night!! Hola, Vusi M
- Vusi Madlopha (19/07/07)

Hi, I'm a friend of Thabang's in the UK and, having received his emails regarding his challenge, I put your foundation forward to the Charities Committee here at Rothschild Bank who have donated £100 to the cause. Kind regards.
- Sam Bowman (19/07/07)

Banger, you are the man!!!Good luck brother...Gods Speed!
- Lungi Tsotsi (18/07/07)

It makes me extremely proud to have fellow citizens such as the people behind the lonely road foundation and it is through efforts such as yours that we can make this country and the future of orphans better. im extremely passionate about the future of this country and its youth and im also involved with a local orphanage and finding sponsors is extremely hard but im inspired by reading about Thabang's efforts and hope it will raise much needed awareness to the plight of these children.
- Edward Mphol (16/07/07)

Hi Friends in Crime, just love what i have seen this morning. Based in St. Helena bay on the West Coast near cape Town, we do similar programmes and special events to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS and the many other Social Causes we are faced with as a community. Just brought a team of youngsters from Germany who took part in a Run-Event to raise funds for youth in both Germany and South Africa. Done a cycle and run project in 2003 - run-event in 2006 and plan a huge event for 2008 in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Keep up the great work.God bless. Love and Light
- Johan Lewin (14/07/07)

Hey Bang, we met through a PHD initiative and have worked on various projects since. Your inspiration, passion and drive to better the lives of those less fortunate is overwhelming and awesome. On behalf of all of us at PHD, God speed in this fantastic cause. We look forward to meeting with you on your return to hear all about this adventure! Good up on Grace as well!
- Moira Hepburn (13/07/07)

Thabang, Sending you love and light! I am soooooo proud of you. When you first mentioned the trip, unlike so many of us who dream but not follow through... U did. May you be an inspiration to us all ESPECIALLY for YOUNG AFRICAN BOYS AND GIRLS. The time has come for us Black people take care of the continent and its most precious asset- Us. May our ancestors watch over you, guide and shower you with blessings on this lonely, inspired and ambitious journey. ALL my love!
- Phindile Mkhabela Phindile Mkhabela (13/07/07)

Take care on the road as we want you back in one piece. Our thoughts are with you, so when you feel all warm and fuzzy, that's us!
- Miki and All at PHD (12/07/07)

I am so touched and challenged by what you doing for children in this country my prayer is that they can acknowledge the time and effort and sacrifices you had to make for doing this. Byke safely will keep listening and following how far you are.
- Constance Mosehla (12/07/07)

Bang Bang Great chatting yesterday, what you are doing is toally amazing never doubt your abilities that mind of your is exceptionally strong, The MFP boys will be backing your all the way.
- Dave Thomas (12/07/07)

We need more people like you in this world !!! Stay strong.
- Warren Pearson (11/07/07)

Kudos to you Brother, to think some of us cant even give an hour a week for the course, may God bless you abundantly for your selflessness.......
- Siya, Jo'burg (10/07/07)

i think this is such an awsum project that you are busy with major congrats for having so much courage! i am 16yrs old and when i heard about your project, i thougt what a devine inspiration you are to every south african to literally get up and do something about the issues we have. may God bless and be with you.
- Mieneke van der Merwe (10/07/07)

Hi Banger! I am deeply proud of you! You serve as an inspiration to many of us. May God watch over you on your journey and keep blessing you richly!
- Love, Tsakani (10/07/07)

Amazing! Thank you for caring and helping the rest of us realise that we should also care. Goodluck!!!! Would like to voluteer my time. So if i can be of any help pls show me where to go.
- Tash (09/07/07)

So proud of you, Banger! We're cheering for you in Canada.
- Andrew Morrison (09/07/07)

BTC, have a safe one mate!! It should be one life changing experience. Wish you well.
- the Reverend (06/07/07)

Hey Brother, keep those legs pumping, your head high and pride in your heart. It is often said that individuals cannot make a difference. How wrong they are, just look at you touching peoples lives. Take care of yourself enough to finish this. You are already making a difference. The whole two wheel fraternity is behind you heart and soul.
- Stranger at Think Bike (05/07/07)

I heard about and heard Thabang's mission on 5FM this afternoon after watching what Prince William [son of the late Lady Diana] is doing in Lesotho. I got so touched and asked myself " What are you doing, Pitso?" I would love to be involved in any possible way, How can I? Thabang, GOD BLESS YOU and I will support you all the way
- Pitso Mojapelo (04/07/07)

Thabang the first day i met you i called you john legend it was like i predict you that you will be the living legend and today you did it you are the real living legend, I am very impresed of what you did i feel like i can join you .i am also proud of you may God be with you in all your jorney until you come back.
- Lucas wa ha Tshamano (04/07/07)

Hi Thabang.Selfless acts are hard to do especially in these times when success is defined in monetary terms.You are not only brave but you are blessed with a warm heart that matches your smile.May God protect and bless you in your journey.We all love and support you.
- Mmasello Kekana (02/07/07)

i really admire thabang for what he is doing he is a really remarkable man. i met him yesterday (30 june 2007) at the start of his mammoth undertaking i rode the 40 km with him and would just like to say that without people like thabang this world would be a very gloomy place i think special mention should go to his sponsors and his family and friends as without all of them he would be left high and dry out there i dont know all of his sponsors but one in particular that i would like to mention is new image cycles cycling club together with his asking and patience they were able to organise his bicycle and spares and a couple of other items to help the process go a little quicker (and i am sure he is wishing that one of those things was a little engine) but it is with great pleasure that i can gladly say that i am a part of this wonderful cycling club and it is truly an honour to be a part of this wonderful organisation to the other sponsors you guys are great, to thabang you are an amazing person and i am truly inspired by your superhuman task that awaits you and i hope to se you as soon as you get back till then GIVE IT HORNS and come back safely
- timothy kock (01/07/07)

Thabang, I wish I had your bravery, and I wish more people in the world had your bravery and compassion... imagine what a better place this world could be! Good luck, God speed... I'll be following your progress as much as I can and I'll keep you in my prayers.
- Jane Eedes (29/06/07)

GO.....BANGER!!! Thabang I saw you in the STAR today and I am so proud of you! What you are doing is just Wonderful. I wish you all the best. Make it happen!! Lotsa love!
- Xandra Malapane AKA Little One - UCT '94-97 (29/06/07)

Hey Thabang wish you all the best, and know that there are people who support you all there way
- Yuresha (29/06/07)

When your head is down, and all that is in your sight is the tread on your wheel, we hope you get to eat every meal.
-  Christine & Yuresha  (29/06/07)

Hi Thabang We are so proud of you, enjoy every minute and come back to tell us all the stories. Ons weet jy gaan dit maak!!! Take care.
- Anne-Mari Bezuidenhout  (29/06/07)

'Sup Thabang This is a really brave undertaking and one that is most definitely worthy of praise! For you to have left the certainty and comfort of a job in investment banking is admirable. Your selfless efforts will not go un-noticed! God bless you and keep you safe on your journey. All the best!!
- Thabiso Tema (29/06/07)

Good luck on your mission , I wish you the best of luck, super adventures and a wonderful journey !!!
- Sean MacMahon (28/06/07)

Good on you Thabang, you been wanting to do this for a while. Our prayers are with all the way. We need more like you...
- Dini Nondumo (28/06/07)

Knowing Thabang personally this mission of his does not surprise me. However, it is both inspiring and humbling and I wish him well. Thabang, the smiles you encounter along your journey will give you strength. If only more of us had the selflessness and courage to undertake such challenges.
- Justin Bothner (27/06/07)

Hey Thabang, All the best - will think of you all the way! I am so proud of you and cant wait to celebrate your success when you return! Remember...... Aunty Sa loves you!!!
- Sarah Savage (26/06/07)
Godspeed Thabang!
- Claire Lewis (26/06/07)

Hey Thabang - this is really an outstanding dream and congratulations for turning it into a reality. In truth I am sure the toughest part is getting to the start and once you leave you will have a fantastic journey! Good luck, well done and thanks for being an inspiration to us all.
- Chris Loker (26/06/07)

Great initiative Thabang! You have my support in what ever way possible.
– Junior (26/06/07)

Hi Thabang. Wishing you all the best.You are in our prayers always.
- Peter, Ina, Chene & Hannah (22/06/07)

Thabang be safe, enjoy, goodluck with your amazing adventure! Lots of love and you are doing great work.
- Lisa Sutton x (21/06/07)

I am impressed with your vision Thabang. You "walk the talk" - well, in this case pedal. Good luck and God Bless!!!
- Gerri Engelman (19/06/07)
Hey Mr.T! Well done! It’s great to see that people are still chasing worthy causes…
- Teresa Valente (19/06/07)

very proud my brother - will certaily make a donation and goodluck.
- Mandla
Well done, Thabang! Safe trip.
- Hixonia Nyasulu (14/06/07)
Wow, this is fantastic. I wish you all the best for your journey ahead and hope that it won’t be a lonely road for you at all but instead one filled with adventure and life changing experiences and thoughts.
- Kate Blaine (14/06/07)
Go for it, Thabang!  Your road will never be lonely, my friend, your summits never too high to reach.  I'll spread the word...
- Adrian Schofield (14/06/07)
I know Thabang in business,I am very humbled and touched by this thought,and wish we can have more Suoth Africans of his calibre with the kind of heart he has,and I pray he will be bless in many ways.
- Matilda Phooko (14/06/07)
Thabang - wishing you all the courage, protection and love in the world! You are totally amazing - please come home safe and sound!!
- Sarah Hallas (14/06/07)
Hei Thabang, live the dream for an African child. Awesome stuff. Anymore Thabangs out there?
- Lydia (14/06/07)
I will indeed, support this cause – u know how much I love the little ones
- Colleen Smith (13/06/07)

Howdy Skwambane! Wow, I must say when I heard you were doing this I was very
impressed, but I did consider the fact that you were going crazy:). All the best!!
- Anjita Singh (13/06/07)
Well done…
- Richard Bottger (13/06/07)
Go big china…..
- Andre (13/06/07)

Hey Thabang. What you are doing is incredible. Not many of us would even contemplate doing something this tough. Best of luck. Hope to see a picture of you on top of Kilimanjaro.
- Craig Adams (13/06/07)

Dear Thabang I am so proud of you! All strength with what you're achieving.
- Edwin Cameron (13/06/07)
Good luck Thabang. Will try and garner more donations at work, hopefully come back with some good news soon. Keep on keeping on. 
- Thomas (07/06/07)

Pedal, Thabang, Peedaaaalll!! sending you lots of good vibes and support - this is an act of amazing selflessness, and i hope your community spirit ignites a fire....
- Marang Setshwaelo  (05/06/07)
Hi Thabang. I saw your interview this morning on e-tv. I was touched by what you intend to do and you got my support all the way. I will also check out the website for further developments.
- Lolo (05/06/07)
I first saw Thabang this morning on TV and was really attracted by his challange to cycle through six months and to climb Kilimanjaro to raise funds for kids. Firstly, I applaud Thabang for his resolution to "cycle" the lonely road and "climb" the treacherous mountain. I volunteer to join and climb Kilimanjaro with Thabang in September if that would help him to raise more funds for the kids - please advice if it is possible that I can join him on this one so as raise more funds.
- K Mhetoa (05/06/07)

Thabs its Tumelo from Rippl IT SA.I Know you will make,it will make a difference to other like you did for me.Best of luck!
- Tumelo Gaelesiwe (04/06/07)
Thabang you have an incredible dream and amazing courage! Well Done. It has been a privilege to Fairy Godmother you over the last few months and to see how your dream has already transformed your life and it is touching the lives of many other people. Thank you for being a beacon of greatness that we can all celebrate and support. After seeing your courage and persistence through the trials and tribulations, I have no doubt that the Lonely Road Challenge will be a success and that your dream will make a huge difference to children in this country. With big love, wishes, magic and a sprinkle of fairy dust - Your Fairy Godmother (
- Donna McCallum, Fairy Godmother  (04/06/07)
Hi Thabang, I just wanted to wish you all the best and am fully supportive of your foundation =O)
- Jennifer Odjidja (03/06/07)
I'd love to be part of something that can help our children out there, how do i become involved within the organization??
- Hendi (02/06/07)

I would like to say that I really support what you're doing and hope the corporate world will see the good in what you're doing and open their hearts and their cheque books in support of this great initiative. As young people of this country we need to come together and fight for economical emancipation using the same passion we used to topple Apartheid. The only difference now is that we'll use the right channels and right people to achieve that, from far and wide we need to form consortiums and start saving towards something that we'll all agree upon so as to support such initiatives and in return make our own lives better. 
- Mtuseni (30-05-07)
Hi Thabang, I will support your endevour in whatever way possible. Raise the flag, go Brother.
- Gavin (30-05-07)

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