Dikgale Child Registration Event

Did you know?
In South Africa, there are social support grants available to OVCs to help meet their basic needs. However the unfortunate reality is that too many OVCs are unable to access these grants because they lack appropriate documentation (i.e. ID or birth certificate and death certificate of guardians) required to be eligible to receive this much needed support.

The Event
The Lonely Road Foundation is currently undertaking a proactive approach to responding to this need. Working in partnership with the Dikgale community, TLRF is planning an event in September 2008 that will provide hands-on assistance directly in the community to:
  • Identify every orphan and vulnerable child supported by The Lonely Road
  • Identify every child in the community lacking these documents 
  • Register each of these children for their identity documents
  • Registering every eligible child for support such as food parcels, child grants and school fees exemption.

Child-headed households require community schemes like these to meet their basic needs and human rights.

How can you help?
We will need volunteers to join us in Limpopo to help with the registration process. If you’d like to have an opportunity to provide hands-on support in these communities and meet the children who will be enabled to survive and thrive thanks to your time and effort, we encourage you to join us.

Monetary and in-kind donations will also be welcomed and needed.

Contact us if you’d like to get involved – and check back here often for more information!

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