We are based in targeted rural and underprivileged communities in South Africa.

We work hard to motivate and support our communities to access the resources needed to manage the health and wellbeing of the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the communities.

We focus on the community members’ basic needs and human rights.

These basic needs form our 4 Priority Areas:

  • Food and Water
  • Care
  • Shelter
  • Education

We work to enable community members so that in time, they will pay it forward and build their communities from within.

As part of our work, we are committed to supporting the following:


  • Identifying Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the community
  • Identifying critical issues in the community
  • Running visualisation workshops for community members to identify opportunities


  • Initiating projects and creating links to existing support programmes
  • Setting up Drop-in Centres
  • Working in partnership with existing organisations and stakeholders (such as Government, NGOs, Corporate Companies, Funding Institutions and Volunteers)
  • Running drives for resources, such as food, uniforms, clothing, books, blankets, shoes etc.
  • Improving infrastructure at the Drop-in Centres: Water, electricity, fencing etc.
  • Setting up Food Gardens
  • Facilitating the creation of small Business Opportunity Projects, incubating and overseeing the businesses to a state of independence


  • Legal support
  • Financial support
  • Operational support