SMS Messages

Here are some of the wonderful SMS's that we have received.

Congratulations! On top - where you belong! Best wishes for a safe return, [email protected]
Congratulations and welldone! Clifford Modiselle
I want to acknowledge the incredible effort and worthiness of your journey. Bev
You are doing an awesome thing. Because of you we can contribute to something we might otherwise not have heard of. Gwen, Northcliff, Jhb
Congrats & God bless!
Thabang,thank u 4 u bravery n most of all 4 doing this 4 those who r unable 2 provide 4 themselves. Goodluck. Tommy Tshabalala
Thabang, we are proud of you.
Well done Thabang yr feat thus far is impressive & worthy of support. All the best 4 the remainder of the trip. Linky
Good Luck and Best Wishes from Bhanoo Nana
May God bless u and keep u safe.
You go Thabang u beauty. Mike shapland. Avis.
Good luck with your great adventure. Rowena
Well done thabang!+clive
Well done. Full support.regards Kevin.
Go man, go.
Well done Tabang ! i support u ! sheila x x !
Good luck and hope you make it to the top. Proud of people who see a problem and do something about it. Makhali
Goodluck and well done. Lorna
Go Thabang,from all of us at Motswako Media Group
Good luck buddy!
We r proud of u
Great foundation. Love and lite.
God bless you always for your contribution to e children of our country
Well done Thabang - and good luck with climb. Bronwyn James.
Hi Thabang well done We are all supporting you in all ways Keep it up! Peter (Vix's Dad)
You make us proud
Best of luck. Bruce Muil
Gd luck u r doing an amazing thing
Go team. You're legends!
You'll make it to the top!
Great idea! You are doing a really good thing! Good luck
Pole-pole! Rafiki, Marzanne
We know u can do it! Have fun!
U shall be blessed for ur work
Awesome guys,baby steps!
Good luck and enjoy
Do it 4 da kidz!
Give it ur best . Do it for the kids
God watches over you.
Go tabang- great cause!
Give it horns
you go boy! rooting for you all the way -Marang
Good luck, folks & enjoy Tanzania!
Kili is an amazing experience,good luck..Tijen
Again well done friend...!
Well done on your arrival in moshi! Gael
U go Thabang! I applaud u!
Well done my friend! Rest those tired legs. X mich x
Best of luck Thabang
Proud of what u are doing,welldone, L
Really do hope this helps...
One love brother. You are my new hero! MAISHI
Tubs trully proud of you you have really outdone yourself tons of love Mimi
You are an amazing person,people live their lives trying to do something good and you are making a truley positive difference.I wish i could join you.I plan to climb kili sometime in the future.God strength.Sanjay Singh
All the best may god bless you
Hi Thabang, just wishing you all the best. You are our hero! Richard & Viviane. Western Cape, South Africa.
You go x this is an amazing thing you are doing x and we as south africans are proud of you x
Good luck with that ass in the saddle
Kili will be easy compared 2 ur cycle. If I did it, u can. Heidi
Like what u doing. Keep going man!
I wish I was half the person you are! You are a brave soldier. And a blessed person. May your angels always guard you.
Go thabang! You rock dude! South africa is behind you!
We are proud of you Thabang!!
Go 4 it ! You really touched many hearts
All the best!thank u for making south africas children ur priority
Good luck!
Youre a legend
Gud luck,i kno u can do it!mwa
Keep going!
Don't give up! You sound like such a special man. Lots of love and good thoughts. Kath
Well done Thabang. Thank u 4 being an inspiration to us. Keep going. Buhle
May you find lots of downhill slopes!
Amandla !
Keep going for our kids!
karibu kwetu tanzania! gdlck and watchout 4 the wild life! kila lakheri! juliet
Thabang, you rock
God speed thabang.Love jen
Well done Thabang
Come on Banger you can do it. Regards Marcus
Well done so far. Amazing and impressive.
Thabang, keep it going...
I am inspired by you and your work in helping the less fortunate . Well done!
I think what u r doing is awesome- good luck! Alison sparg
Keep going
Good luck, from Gcobisa Kone's friend
Thabang, well done and Good Luck
Rooting for you bud, kudos thus far... Oz        
T.T told me aboat ur cycling for a good course
Good luck! From Thatha's friends
Thatha told us about the cause that you are cycling for. All the best. Sbu
We love you Thabang! Stay strong and keep going - your motivation is inspirational!
Go thabang go
Hey bugger. Thinkin of you! Hope u r still going strong. Hang in there. Everyone wants to know how much u've raised. Kgashane
Whats you're doing is absolutely awesome and inspiring. Good luck. Michelle
You are a legend to teach all legends - I am deeply humbled by you and extremely honoured to be a South African with you. Right behind you Zane
We are SO proud of you Thabang. Keep going man, Its an amazing thing you're doing
Keep the faith and head up. hope we all make a difference. toni
Keep going
go thabang! I cycled across europe,north africa and middle east in '92, know your pain & you're doing it for others. Go u good thing fantastic effort!
Listened to you on 5fm last night, wowee! I could picture that nasty mattress! But man am i in awe of what what you're doing. Be well, be safe, take care and know that you have done well!
What u are doing is amazing! Sending lots of positive energy.. Leigh
Wazuuuup bra! Nice to hear u still going strong. I'm glad it's not too easy - that was the whole idea, right? You're my hero!
Best of wishes Thabang
Hello Thabang, we are really proud of u, keep up de gud work! Njoroge
Hi Thabang, God's strength 2 u bro. U really do us proud! Ntahli
If I was a star, I'd shine 4U, if I was a bird, I'd fly 2U, if I was an angel I'd look after U, but I'm not I'm a stranger thinking of u! Good luck to u.
God Bless!
My brother my god bless you in this challenge
Good luck Thabang. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Be safe. Zips and Zinathi
Well done n keep going mate
Hey Thabang,u an amazin person.As a South African,we r proud of u an of wat u r dng.Kp it up an come bak safely.Al our love2u.From Sanjay&Sapna,an our families
You rock dude!
Go you good thing!
Well done!
You are amazing!
Good luck!
Its the least I can do
This small contribution is not anywhere close to what u need to reach the destination, so Thank u for making an effort towards the greater good, may there be lots of goodness in it! Take care & keep it real... All the best from B. (friend of ur sis Dineo)
Good luck, Thabang. We are proud of you. Lerato Mashologu.
I'm drooling ova the website and thinkin' those rock hard abs man!!! See the by-products of doing gud... Roc hard evrythng! Roc on man, i'm harassing all ma frnz to support! Athi.
Pop a wheely!
Keep going
Good luck on d trip. It's important that we all do something to help d less priviledged, particularly children. Remi
Good luck and well done for such a good cause. May your tubes never puncture.
May the Lord's Word be the lamp unto your feet and a light for your path
Dainfern College learners wish u well
I support Your Worthy Cause.Children are gifts and need 2b treasured.God Bless Carol
best wishes
Need more people like u around, i am not even willing for the challenge. Hope to hear how u r doing on route, take care
Keep going! We are very proud of you.
Dear Thabang just heard u on 5FM.U go my friend.your long lost Oranjemund friends Bronwyn and Brandon.we r proud of u.
Send all my love and God's protection. You are an inspiration. Rest well for 3 days and then take over the world! Lots of love sharon boonzaier x
Good luck!
Your courage, determination and endurance are inspirational. Keep it up. Monhla
Dude! Ppl u don't even know keep asking me abt u! The whole world is behind u! Sterkte! (U must learn 2 take some self-portrait photos.)
Good luck for your trip.
Ride on
Go for it bokkie! Justine Cape town
Lets do it . . . for south africa salutes you! :-)
Hey just to say go for it u doing it 4 all of us not brave enough! i hope u raise awarenes of aids and al the heartache it brings. God bless u and yr team jen
Go thabang! All the best with your journey.this is an amazing challenge and u can be proud! We r thinking of u, love lucinda(tebogos friend) and family.
U go boy. Keep up the good work.
Good luck
Hey thabang, amazing what you're doin- well done man! May those power legs keep strong all the way- enjoy the ride,simon turck
Well done Thabang and keep going! Proud to know u! Love Harold and Anthea Eedes
Go you good thing
All i can say is gud stuff. Ur a blessing
Hey banger long time mate and great cause, totally behind you - dan goss
I admire people of consequence. Be blessed.
Hey man, hope u r gud and stil very strong 2 carry on. I wish u al the best. Sisanda
Good luck. Tabang i will be in the Livingston mts Tanzania. If u need anything and are passing through, email me. Regards Keith.
Thabang you little beauty! Well done. Thinking of you. Just heard you on the radio. love marianne. (dale friend)
Hi Thabang, whatever charity u r doing this 4, we think it's cool. How many km's do u anticipate cycling? We'd like to make a per km u travel, donation.
Go buddy! Keep it up - you're one step closer!
Way2go Taban.Tnk u 4being an inspirin human being&takin courage 2live ur views so practicly. Strngth2u, physicly, mentaly, emotionly &spiritualy.Ur never alone.
Go Thabang you have got big balls bud i have no doubt you are going to enjoy the view from the top of killy. Cheers Brent Fourways joburg!
Hi Tabang. good luck what you are doing is amazing. Ryan
Hey man, just heard u on the drive...big up, our thoughts are with u! Go rule killi! ian
Wow just heard you on 5. You go! X, Renee
WOW!! You are the man! Keep going bru! Willie
Wow thabang!good luck.and may God be with u!!
Hi darling. am thinking of u so so much. have emailed u. Hoping to hear u on 5fm. So proud of u my love. Heaps of love to u & Grace. Sue Grant-Marshall
You go man
Go the Lonely Road Team!
Enjoy l-road

Gd luck!
Go Thabang...
I support u
You are awesome Thabang! Love D
Go big china! Cheers Andre from Steeldogs
Hi Thabang. Best of luck and strength on your big challenge. Craig Adams.
good luck 4 ur venture
Sterkte thabang wendy
Best Wishes. Fungai Ruwende
Go Thabang we are so proud of you love the Hallas family
Good luck Thabang! Kate at Noah.
Hi there Thabang, I am Craig's wife and I wish you all the best. It takes a special person to do what you are doing. Good luck. Regards Sue Adams.
Good luck Thaba
Thabang. Good luck in your noble endeavour. Neil davies - barloworld coatings
What an honourable thing to do. I wish u every success. Best wishes fm Colwyn - SCS Durban
Good luck Thabang from Lizanne at Computershare
Wishing Thabang & The Lonely Road Challenge success & all of the very best.
Good luck and thank you for inspiring me!
I wish you every success as you mirror what is in my heart.GOD speed to you as journey on.Zeph
Good luck with the challenge.
Way to go man ... All the best! ... Acha
Go for it!
Best of luck Thabang!
All the best!
From The Bayvel Family.
Go Thabang! You rock!
Know you will succeed, goodluck Thabang! Suzy at Revert
Go Thabang, we support you in your worthy cause. Regards Chiquita-the Jupiter drawing room
Good luck Thabang! Etienne
Go Thabang go. love Sue Grant-Marshall
Enjoy the journey, the cause is worth it! All the best, Roger
Good luck Thabang! Keep those legs pumping.
Have a safe journey.
Good luck Thabang. May God be with you.
Well done!
Good luck banger! Regards chris loker
Hi Thabang, my thoughts are with you through this awesome journey. Regards Marcus.
All the best for your trip Thabang.
Good luck Banger. Rgds, Borks
Go banger you good thing..
Congrats on your courage and your convictions!
Good luck!!
You make us proud
All the best Thabang! The world could do with more peopl like you!! Take care and be safe!
The RCGs will pull you thru... Good luck Thabang.
Banger, well done on this man, inspiring...
Hey Thabang, thought it was you on the radio the other day. Great thing You're doing man, all the best. Good to see some smuts guys making a difference.
Good luck, liam
Good on you Thabang. We need more like you.:)
Good luck Thabang. David Degbor
Good luck Thabang. We are behind you all the way. Charmaine - Aon Consulting
My dear brother i wish you a safe journey of your life time that will go down to your history book as unforgotable hard ship and misserable one. Saying that i am not forgetting expirience of other good things that you will come across. Good luck and god will take care of you. From Vincent Seoka.
Good luck mate. Read some of josie dew's books to help you. She is a veteran international cyclist of repute. Old dervla murphy is also a good read as far  as cyclists are concerned. As you can see the gist of what i am trying to get through to is that if they can so can you buddy. Good luck and above all enjoy!
Good luck and well done to you for your brave undertaking!
You can do it
Blessings on your journey:-)
Good luk on ur jurny to T/Zania
All the best brother, I'm planning 2 run the comrades next year!
Hey thebang wish u a safe journey. And know u r always in our prayers. Yuresha
Good luck thabang
Good luck, Thabang!
Go on Thabang, make SA proud! You can do it. Expect u to call me up after the trip for a date, dreadlock to dreadlock
Skwambane am proud of u. Our Father wil send His Holy Spirit to travel with u...u wil b safe. Nhlanhla
Blessings to the most wonderful caring man.Am so proud of you Thabang.
May the mighty Lord b with u thru yo "Jouney 4 Gööd cause"
Go forth, the Almighty wil lead u in yo path. Allow the universe to be yo guide. Wishing u well, take care. Bongiwe
May God protect u on your great cause and journey nkele
Wish u all the best Thabang.I'll join u next time.
May you be abundantly blessed through this undertaking and may the money flow for your charity.
You go Thabang!!!What an inspiration.Proud of u,my brother.God bless u for doing His work.To Kilimanjaro we go!!! From Noni Gasa
You go Thabang!!!What an inspiration.Proud of u,my brother.God bless u for doing His work.To Kilimanjaro we go!!! From Noni Gasa
Hey dude u are def a lot braver than any of us i hope u manage u enjoy the experience and know we are all behind u! Gigi. pretoria
Good luck.U r in my prayers.All the best.Una Dirksen.
To someone who is not afraid to make a difference. You are a true hero and inspiration to us all. May u be greeted by many smiling faces along the way. Kerry
Good luck thabang!
Go pretty boy!
We are so proud of you Thabang...
May u be blessed
Remarkable and life changing journey. Look forward to the story! Karen mac
Your cycle will bring hope 2 someone at every turn of the wheel. Fight on young warrior! Best wishes Chris Caley
God bless!
May you find stength to continue this courageous path!
Goodluck Thabang
Best of luck!
Keep up the good work
U go boy.
Do it
Go 4 it!
Thats for the best course, l am proud of you. God bless. Pitso Mojapelo-Polokwane.
Keep your head up and keep pushing, every step is one to your dream.
Good ride.Solly.
Pray daily.kabelo kokona
Hope your first week has gone well, bro!! Thinking abt you, stay strong! TMS
Hey Thabang, Good luck with your journey. I wish you strength and health all the way to Killi. Angus.
Thabang good luck from micheline..
Go Thabang!
Good luck Thabang. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Zips
Go BOY! U r a winner..To think u were once the snot nosed baby bro of my roommate at Varsity! Guess who?
All the best... Mpumi
Well done & hang in there
Keep going and be safe, you are in our thoughts and prayers! Cheers, Zips
Wish u good luck.

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