The Foundation

Most people think about trying to change the world; very few take action.

We know that with the rising phenomenon Southern Africa is facing in the wake of the HIV/Aids crisis, the numbers of child headed households and vulnerable children are reaching devastating proportions. We know that Africa, and in particular Sub-Saharan Africa, is faced with a threat that could see it lose almost 10% of its productive population (66 million people) by 2015, if nothing is done about HIV/AIDS.

The Lonely Road Foundation is a Sub-Saharan African development charity, aiming to bring life, hope and opportunity to children in South Africa, who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.

While numerous organizational groups countrywide have taken on the OVC vocation, there has never been a united platform bringing them all together in the Sub Saharan African region, a united front allowing the problem to be tackled holistically. NGO’S fight amongst themselves for funding and are becoming increasingly competitive thus; the growing trend within the ‘industry’ is to work in isolation.

The Lonely Road Foundation will provide legal, financial and operational support to underprivileged communities so that they might set up a community response to critical issues such as Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) and HIV/AIDS. We will become the structure of the village that raises the child.

Through communication with social services and successful NGO’S across the region, The Lonely Road Foundation strives to gather resources and explore sustainable methods to actively deal with the problem of child headed households.

To achieve this, The Lonely Road Foundation has endorsed and issued naming rights to “The Lonely Road Challenge” which is a solo cycle from South Africa to Tanzania, followed by a climb up Kilimanjaro.

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