2007 Lonely Road Challenge

On June 30, 2007 Thabang Skwambane, Founding Director of The Lonely Road Foundation, set off on the inaugural Lonely Road Challenge – a solo bicycle ride from Johannesburg to Tanzania that crossed six countries and covered a distance of nearly 5,500km! At the end of his cycle, he was met by a team that joined him to climb to the top of Uhuru Peak on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Thabang’s journey was a poignant reminder of the lives of children who grow up alone and unsupported through childhood and adolescence. After surviving childhood with little support and very few resources they are expected to become productive members of society - a “mountain” to climb at the end of such a “lonely road”.


“This is a journey to activate the hearts and minds of all those who believe they belong to the African society, and a fight against apathy and a lack of ‘citizenship and patriotism’. Above all, The Lonely Road Challenge is a journey that will hold out a hand to those who have lost everything, and give them something that returns their dignity and their humanity.”
-Thabang Skwambane


If you want to be inspired and get a closer look at Thabang’s journey, check out the following links to read entries from Thabang’s diary on the road, or see photos and video clips, or listen to audio clips all taken from The 2007 Lonely Road Challenge.

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