We will be on the roads of Jozi again this year, raising funds and awareness for our awesome Dikgale children through “Kilometres for Kids”. Join us, and get pledging!

Join us on the 15th of November for the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge!

This will be my first race… What now?
Well done! Please click here to register as a cyclist for the first time. When you get to the option to “Ride for a Purpose”, please select the Lonely Road Foundation as your charity of choice.

I’m keen to register! How do I join the Roadie team?
Welcome! You can register as normal. When you get to the option to “Ride for a Purpose”, just select the Lonely Road Foundation as your charity of choice.

I’m already signed up! Can I still join the team?
Yes you can! And we can help you. All we need is your Name, Surname and ID number to register you with the Roadie team. please to email us those details.

How do I support the Lonely Road by riding?
We love to see you being active and healthy! So while you are burning up the road, churning up the tracks and kicking up some dust, you can get those around you to make it worthwhile for the awesome children of Dikgale.

For every km you cycle, we need you to get your friends, family or colleagues to pledge. R1 per km for the Cycle Challenge equates to a pledge for a R94.70 donation.  It is up to you to find sponsors of those Rands per kilometre.

As you hit fundraising targets, we will reward you with awesome prizes and gifts…

R12 per km = R1 136 gets you a custom Lonely Road 2015 cycling jersey
R18 per km = R1 704 gets you your first surprise gift
R28 per km = R2 651 get you your second surprise gift

For those of you that have done this before, please note that the gifts change every year. There will also be some prizes at the end for the overall Kms for Kids champions!

How do I support the Lonely Road without getting on a bicycle?
Want to help us on the day of the race? Got something awesome to sponsor, or some cash looking for a great cause? We can help you. Send us a and we will get in touch!

Whether you get R20 a Km or R1000 a Km you are a Lonely Road Hero to our children so get out there and get sweating for a good cause!

We look forward to having you on our team. As always, please feel free to if you have any questions or concerns!