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Corporate partnership

Making an impact

As a supporter of The Lonely Road Foundation, you can help change the lives of extremely needy children in South Africa.

Increasing your visibility

Alignment with The Lonely Road Foundation demonstrates your commitment to providing a future for the future of South Africa.

Building Knowledge

Through association with The Lonely Road Foundation, partners will gain knowledge and understanding of the issues facing, and factors contributing to, South Africa’s growing number of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children. This knowledge can help further develop initiatives and campaigns that can change the lives of our kids.

Corporate Team Building

Is your company looking for a corporate team building exercise, or perhaps a new CSI opportunity?

The Lonely Road Foundation will work with your organisation to find a community-service opportunity – for example, “adopting” or building/painting/equipping/feeding a Drop-in Centre, painting a classroom or building a community food garden – that will meet your team building objectives while supporting a high needs community in South Africa.

Not only will your employees learn more about themselves as individuals and as a team, they will have fun while helping to change lives – and they’ll thank you for a memorable, possibly life-changing experience.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We look forward to hearing from you should you be interested in supporting our efforts!

  • Sponsor and Co-Host the Annual Gala Fundraising Dinner
  • Support Operational Costs
  • Partner with us to establish new initiatives in other rural and underprivileged communities in South Africa
    1. Help us identify other high needs rural communities that need assistance supporting their OVC’s.
    2. With your support, each community identified will continue to benefit from direct support from The Foundation for a period of 3 years. By the end of this 3-year phase, it is anticipated that communities will be self-sustaining in their capacity to support OVC’s.

Please contact us for further information.

What we can offer our partners

We can offer you tax exemption for any donations received, by issuing a Section 18a Tax Certificate.

We can also offer you points towards your BB-BEE rating (over 95% black and disadvantaged beneficiaries), or in specific instances, towards Social Enterprise Development.

We are happy to discuss branding and mutual marketing opportunities.