Where we work

We work in rural communities in South Africa. Currently, we are based in two communities, Ga-Dikgale and Lokaleng.

Ga-Dikgale is a community of about 90,000 people, approximately 40km from Polokwane in Limpopo. There are 23 villages within Dikgale. We have 15 Drop-in Centres throughout the community, supporting the OVC’s.

Dikgale is a very poor, dry and usually very hot place. It is vast in area and the things most urban dwellers take for granted, such as electricity, water, nearby shops and transport are not as easy to access as one would like.

Lokaleng is a smaller community, with about 5,000 people in the immediate village where we work, but with another nine villages surrounding in that are just as in need. It is just outside of Mafikeng in the North West Province.

Lokaleng is also very poor with a bigger influence from the town and the problems that accompany towns, such as begging, substance abuse and petty crime. We have only recently begun work in Lokaleng, but our focus right now is identifying all of the children who need help and getting them back into school and into a space where they can be cared for.

Why we work there

We started work in Ga-Dikgale because Thabang’s mother grew up there and it holds a sentimental place in our hearts.

We have continued to work there because the people of Ga-Dikgale embrace the spirit of Ubuntu so passionately. The 173 caregivers in the community give their all, every day, to try to make the world a bit better for the OVC’s in their care. The kids look after each other, share what little they have and truly try to work together to create opportunities to grow within themselves and as a community.

We began work in Lokaleng after it was suggested to us as a community in great need, during work with Joey Khuvutlu’s company in collaboration with a South African musician and celebrity from Mafikeng. He felt that as South Africans, we need to return to our roots and give back to the people and places that shaped us as people.

We are excited to face the challenges presented to us in this new community and look forward to working in the North West into the future.