Branded Capestorm gear

If you wish to purchase branded Capestorm gear as worn by Thabang, please email .

 spit.jpg Functionally the SPITFIRE is totally windproof, superbly insulated and principally waterproof (seams not sealed). The tough shell fabric is undoubtably the key differentiator in this garment and we believe the SPITFIRE SOFT SHELL is the archetypal armour of the modern outdoor gladiator. So, zip up soldier and let the games begin!

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 puff.jpg When its cold, does your performance slow to the pace of a hibernating snake? If so, you need to shed your reptilian disposition and get a new skin that will keep the warmth in. The PUFFADDER is designed to do just that. Made from ENTROPY Thermodynamic fabric, this featherweight pullover can be worn as either a moisture wicking base layer or as an insulating mid-layer.

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