We would like to introduce our Roadies to Samuel.

Samuel has been a part of Ranti Grace Drop-in Centre forever. he is a wonderful gentleman with a flair for gardening. Samuel cannot read or write and does not speak any English.

In February of 2014, Samuel attended an entrepreneurship course in Ga-Dikgale. He spent the five days listening carefully to each instruction and joining in the conversations. For each exercise, Samuel would find someone to dictate his answers to, who would help him to write his answers in his training book.

Samuel used to do welding in his spare time. He had a very damaged invertor, a piece of machinery that he needed to do his work, but the damage meant that he had to work slowly and in unsafe conditions. He had never thought of doing it as a business, but after his training course, he decided to start his business more seriously. The Lonely Road Foundation bought him a new invertor (worth R1 700 – more than he would earn in any normal month) and he never looked back.

In his first six weeks of business, Samuel not only managed to get his business off the ground, but made over R12 000 in sales. It is now a year later. Samuel has 2 full time employees. He is teaching both of his sons how to weld and putting them both through school. He has just bought himself a small car which means that he can drive to Polokwane to buy supplies in bulk and save money on his expenses.

We are so proud of you, Samuel!