2011 Winter Warmers Campaign

The Lonely Road Foundation would like to thank everyone who supported our Winter Warmers Campaign

2011 Winter Warmers Campaign

At 6h30am on Saturday 14 May 2011, a group of yawning staff and volunteers departed from Johannesburg for Limpopo Province.  The mission - to hand out 2500 blankets and snoods (www.flagsnood.co.za) to orphaned and vulnerable children in Ga Dikgale Community.

Arriving in Ga Dikgale at 10h30, the Roadies were rearing to go.  The blankets and snoods had arrived, and some of the children were already there, even though the handout was scheduled for 12h00.  The day was a lot warmer than expected, and there was thankfully no rain in sight.

At 12h00, most of the children had arrived and were waiting expectantly in queues.  We started to hand out the beautiful warm blankets and the colourful snoods.  It did seem like a strange gift when the sun was beating down on us, but we know how cold the rural areas get in Winter.

At last, the children had received their gifts, and we started to pack up and prepare for the long trip home.

A tiring, dusty, but very rewarding day.

We trust that the children were snug and warm with their winter warmers.

A very big thank you to all the sponsors, volunteers and everyone else who made this handover possible.

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